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Expeller PShRM-300F

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Expeller PSHRM-300F is a screw-type press that extracts oil from various oil bearing seeds, such as sunflower, rape, flax seeds etc. and soy beans.

Expeller consists of the following components:

  • Electrical motor;
  • Gear reducer;
  • Expeller body;
  • Extraction cage;
  • Screw (worm) shaft with set of screws (worms);
  • Pressure cone;
  • Cake thickness adjustment mechanism;
  • Electrical drive;
  • Electrical feeder;
  • Batcher;
  • Electrical equipment.
Minimum productivity, ton/24 hours
Cake’s residual oil content, %
Electrical motor, kW
Electrical feeder power, kW
Screw-type batcher power, kW
Screw (worm) shaft ration frequency, rpm
Overall expeller PSHRM-300F weight (incl. electrical feeder), kg
Overall expeller PSHRM-300F dimensions, mm
Principle of operation

The expeller is fed with pre-treated seeds by the screw-type batcher. Seed pre-treatment includes sieving, size reduction, and thermal treatment. Pre-treatment differs with various seed species. 

The expeller’s horizontal screw imparts pressure on the pre-treated seed feedstock as it moves along the screw. The extraction cage surrounding the screw has slots along its length formed by regularly spaced bars (this space varies from 0.5 to 0.1 mm), allowing the increasing internal pressure to expel the oil through the slots. 

Pressed oil flows into the oil collecting tank located underneath the extraction cage. To prevent sticking and support loosening for optimal oil extraction, special ‘knives’ are located inside the extraction cage. 

A special ripper is mounted onto the screw-shaft in the middle of the extraction cage in order to increase oil extraction rate by loosening pre-treated seeds even further.  

Pressed pre-treated seed material (cake) parameters such as thickness and oil containment are controlled by the pressure cone and its adjustment mechanism mounted at the screw shaft end. For easier cake handling, there are special ‘breaker-knives’ that are located at the pressure cone outlet that crushes the cake as it exits the expeller.  

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