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A screw press is a reliable and absolutely indispensable equipment, which is in steady demand in Ukraine, as the production of vegetable oil is established on a significant scale in our country. The press for pressing is an uncomplicated device, serving for years faithfully and demanding the most unpretentious service. But even in screw screw presses breakdowns occur, and the necessary parts for broken butter presses may not be at hand, as well as time and / or opportunities for its manufacture. To solve the problem of missing components is easy if you buy spare parts for oil presses from us. We offer almost all the necessary equipment for the production of vegetable oil and spare parts for it.

Our company knows the needs and capabilities of its customers. Equipment and spare parts are sold at a fairly low price, their purchase will not be too expensive and unprofitable for the buyer.

If you buy spare parts for Maslopress, then the price paid for them will be incomparably smaller than the loss from unit downtime. It is desirable to buy components from a trusted supplier specializing in the provision of certain services and versed in the specifics of production. Otherwise, it is very likely that again it will be necessary to repair the equipment that has failed at the wrong time.

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